Every person has their own needs and a different style of trading, and it is important to choose the right trading accounts to meet those requirements. Ironfx offers its users a variety of trading accounts to fulfil their needs and be comfortable with their trading style. Each trading account has its character and purpose.

The variety of account types provided by Ironfx fulfilled the needs of each individual, be it an experienced trader or a person just beginning his or her trading career. From a small investor to a large investor, Ironfx provides separate ways for investors to fulfil their financial dreams.

The user can choose between a live trading account and an STP/ECN trading account. The MT4 online trading platform is currently leading the industry, and using these two trading accounts will allow the user to enjoy the benefits of forex trading through this platform. On the first signup, Ironfx allows users to register multiple accounts for trading on its client portal.

In the world of finance, a forex spread refers to the difference between the selling price and the buying price of a commodity. Fixed-spread accounts offered by Ironfx let the traders focus on their strategies rather than the volatile market by providing pre-established and steady spreads during unstable market hours.

AutoTrade accounts offered by Ironfx give the user the benefit of the reliability of a successful trader by allowing them to copy their best-performing trades as well as a large number of their successful strategies. It gives the user a chance to experience the knowledge and ideas of established traders in a quick, simple, yet secure way.

Traders and investors often look for opportunities to improve their trades and increase their potential profits. Ironfx offers its users a chance to enhance their trading strategies with their financial widgets. These widgets are extremely useful tools that can be used to get insightful information about trading. These widgets provided by Ironfx help investors calculate the most probable outcome of their trades simply and efficiently.